TYPE Unit (Super Villager)
ABILITY As your action phase, you can send a unit in any Village to its owner's hand.
CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games
AVAILABLE Super Villagers Pack (expansion)

From ET to Aliens, passing over Mars Attack and Independence Day, those little green men from outer space are almost unavoidable in our mainstream culture. Fortunately, we've not met a real one yet...

Well, maybe in Area 51... but that's only a rumor, isn't it?


Allowing you another choice for your action phase, the Alien allows you to send a villager back to its owner's hand.


You might be saying, "What's the use? That player can place it back from his hand on his turn!" First, it removes a powerful unit from play, even if it's only for a turn. Secondly, you can move a valuable card like Princess or Dr. Nakagawa Kozi to its owner's hand after their last turn so they are forced to pay for it. Likewise, if your opponent has just emptied their hand and started the last turn, if you remove a King, their score will drastically decrease as a result.

In a 3 or more players game, some team combinations can be made. One can use their Alien to remove a defence while the other can attack that same village, usually the High Score Card's owner.


Q: Can I keep using this card every turn or am I supposed to put it in my graveyard after using it?

A: The Alien can use his ability every turn, but it does take your action, so you can't attack or discard (or use another action ability, like the Merchant's) if you choose to use him.

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