• TimMurray

    Cardsmith cards

    April 6, 2015 by TimMurray

    Today I have been making and adding to my Cardsmith cards. Hopefully some good ideas out there. Can't wait for the Cardsmith expansion. :D

    My Cardsmith cards

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  • Kntrytnt

    Cardsmith Olympics

    December 12, 2014 by Kntrytnt

    This is sort of a joke post, just to have some fun. I want to know the speed at which you all can smith cards. Does it take you forever? Can you spit them out like a factory? Which card took you the longest, and how long did it take? Which card was the quickest, how long did it take?

    I'll start, my first card took by far the longest at just under two hours. It was Doge in case anyone is interested. My quickest card was Bomberman at four minutes seventeen seconds.

    So! Let me know what your times are.

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  • Void Argument


    May 30, 2014 by Void Argument

    I spent a few hours tonight designing my latest cards: the Jellies! I'm pretty proud of them, and they are the first actual units that I've made. I noticed that Villages didn't really have anything like them yet, so that's where I got the idea for them. Tell me what you think of their abilities; I tried to make them new and unique. :P

    I might not make any new cards within the next couple of days. I made about 10 cards today, so I'm smithed out for a bit. :0

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  • TiagoVIGIL

    High Score Card

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  • Dr. Walter Bishop

    Played in April 2014:

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  • ReddBastion

    Favourite card?

    April 13, 2014 by ReddBastion

    Now that we have access to the Print and Plays, anyone out there have a particularly favourite card?

    I enjoy the alternate art Assassin as he just so happens to look a bit familar ;)

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