In Villages, players can challenge each other to battle in order to kidnap the cards they want. One player attacks, and the other defends. Attackers win ties, so it's necessary to have strong defenders to keep your cards safe. Some battling cards are good for strictly Attacking and others strictly Defending, while others are good at battling in general.

List of Defense UnitsEdit

Note: this list does NOT include units that are good for both attack and defense in general. It only contains cards which specifically state defense.

Other Defense CardsEdit

Some animals and buildings also have abilities that are useful for defense:

Bunny - Skips your opponent's next action phase (attacking being an action).

Castle - Gives extra defense to anyone in its Village.

Hideout - Allows you to hire a defender from the Discard pile.

Pig - Gives you a one-time +2 power bonus. Also useful for attacking.

Sheep - Protects your losing unit from being destroyed or kidnapped.

Tower - Reveals hired units so you know who's attacking.

There is also the Traveler, who acts as a one-time barrier between your opponent and your cards (supposing they win).

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