As the title says, these cards will not be available for general sale. At least not yet. The Royalty pack includes 30+ cards created by people around the globe and, while unlikely, may be sold in a year or so on (but you can buy now the PnP file for a Limited Time). However, the alternate art was part of "stretch goal" on the Kickstarter Campaign, and once the physical copies containing this artwork are sold, there will never be another print run.

Royalty PackEdit

All the cards in the Royalty Pack are Kickstarter Exclusive, as an optional, paid add-on to the game. The cards were created by Princess and Queen level backers, allowing them to add their personal touch to Villages as a reward on the Kickstarter Campaign.

You can buy the Royalty Pack PnP file for a LIMITED TIME!Edit

Alternate ArtEdit

Some of the alternate art reflects iconic characters that inspired the creators. While some references are more obvious than others (such as the Assassin or Hero vs. the Thief or Farmer), all of the artwork is being printed for Kickstarter backers only--though the art can still be viewed on this very wiki.

Villages Speed Art

Villages Speed Art

There's a video made by creator Fridgecrisis, as he was working on alternate art.

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