TYPE Expansion
Red Units 4
Orange Units 3
Yellow Units 3
Green Units 4
Blue Units 4
Purple Units 4
Light Units 3
Dark Units 2
Multiple Units 2
Animals 4
Buildings 0
YEAR 2014
CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

Robert M. Day

Sean Megaw

Levi Broome

Michael Consigli

Chris Rossetti

Torsten Stelling

Ryan Kennedy

Chris Standen

Edward Kwan

Jorge Carlos II

James Kahalewai III

Michael Kroeker

Jordan Humphrey

Justin S.

Teruyo Akashi

Alejandro E. E-S.

Tiago Aguila Vigil

Dave "Chirpy" Pleyel


Josh Walker

Jared M. Evans

Joshua M.

John Liszka

Mike Donohoe

John Carr

Stephanie Dobyns


Tim Murray

Justin Mirsky

Josh Marion


The Royalty Pack is Kickstarter Exclusive. The campaign began with 5 Princess pledge slots, which allowed for a single custom card to be made, but 10 more were quickly opened. Many backers expressed a desire to see these custom cards and purchase them as well. After negotiations with the creator, Jaron Frost, the Royalty Pack was agreed upon, and was sold as an add-on. With the addition of the Royalty Pack, 15 Queen pledge slots were opened and taken in less than a minute.

A few Royalty backers opted to keep their cards secret, excluding them from the pack, while others ended up with multiple cards due to a problem with an idea for two-sided cards. Fans also made multiple Turtle variations upon release of the Print-and-Play version, and all were added to the official game.


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