TYPE Base Game Add-On
Red Units 1
Orange Units 2
Yellow Units 1
Green Units 1
Blue Units 1
Purple Units 2
Light Units 2
Dark Units 1
Multiple Units 2
Animals 1
Buildings 0
YEAR 2014
CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

Benjamin Tieman

Amber Retzlaff

Dr. Nakagawa Kozi

Super Villagers are 1-year exclusive, special cards created as stretch goals for the Villages Kickstarter campaign in January 2014. Additionally, 3 King pledge slots were made available, wherein one could pay to have their custom card added to the Super Villagers list.

These cards were created mostly for fun, and while they are designed to balance with the game (more or less), they are completely optional.

Stretch-Goal Super VillagersEdit

Note: the Gambler is the only Super Villager, or card in general, that cannot be played normally with just the base game.

King-Created Super VillagersEdit

Expansion Super VillagersEdit


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