TYPE Unit (Super Villager)
ABILITY Allows Animals in this unit's Village.

+1 Gold for each Animal in this unit's Village.

CREATED BY Benjamin Tieman

Fridgecrisis Games

AVAILABLE Super Villagers Pack (expansion)

According to the creator, "Cpt. Sparky is my wife's iconic critter she's been illustrating for years, and we're always looking for ways to immortalize him in different art forms and by different artists.  His full name is Captain Sparky the Radioactive Goldfish, and he is the pirate captain of a crew of misfit critters.  His gold and power boost are to represent his growing band of animal friends who serve to make him stronger and help him find treasure.  Cpt. Sparky's crew is a planned Card Smith expansion for the future."


Created by Benjamin Tieman, Cpt. Sparky acts like a Farmer, allowing you to place Animals in this unit's village.  With the addition of a few animals, Cpt. Sparky becomes a viable end game scorer, as he gains +1 gold for each animal in his village.


This card is a more viable substitute for the Farmer as he gets an extra gold for every animal in the village. When building your deck, you could replace Orange Farmer with Cpt. Sparky. The fact that you will most likely have animals in the village allows extra boosts to his abilities on top of his natural ones.  Ending a round using the Save Kitty on a village of Cpt. Sparky filled with animals starts a player with a strong village.

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