TYPE Unit (Super Villager)
COLORS Blue/Purple
ABILITY Once during your turn, you can look at the top 2 cards of the Deck and put them back in the same order.
CREATED BY Dr. Nakagawa Kozi

Fridgecrisis Games

AVAILABLE Super Villagers Pack (expansion)

Dr. Nakagawa Kozi is a character created by someone who goes by the same name online. He is a Japanese scientist with a great deal of knowledge (the first symbol of its Kanji is displayed next to his name, though it was stuck together at the creator's request). He holds his key item, the fountain pen, in one hand.


Dr. Nakagawa is the only doctor in Villages, with the highest combined static stats of any card and no weaknesses. As a scientist, Dr. Nakagawa can do some research, giving him a unique ability that allows foresight into the structure of the deck.


As his ability allows you to look at the top two cards, it's probably best to use this at the very beginning of your turn. That way, you can know what cards you would get, allowing you to decide if you should draw from the deck or discard pile. Conversely, if it is used at the end of your turn, you can know what cards your opponent will draw, allowing an extra strategy. It can also be used before deciding whether or not to use your Chicken's ability.

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