COLORS Yellow, Green
ABILITY Doubles the total gold value of this unit's Village. Does not take effect in your hand or Graveyard.
CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

"You're the king? Well I didn't vote for ya..."

The King is the ruler of his land, making decisions for his entire kingdom. Royalty was inherited by birthright, and many heirs fought bloody warfare over the right to be King. Even good Kings faced threats on every side, since enemy kingdoms could send assassins to poison their meals or strangle them in their beds.


On first glance, the King may seem completely useless to have in your village as he has no power or gold by himself. However, the more units that are in his village, the more the King's value increases, due to his unique ability to double the gold value of the village he is in.


If you have a large village that is worth a lot of gold, it would be a good strategy to place your King in there. As the King is such a valuable card, make sure he can be heavily defended, or make sure you keep him in your hand until the last moment in order to reduce the risk of losing him.

If you have an Inn in a village, use that card's ability to bring your King into a different coloured village, therefore increasing the amount of gold you receive.

If possible, try to put your king in a village with valuable cards like the Princess or Leprechaun as these cards are generally worth a huge amount of gold.

Alternate Art (Kickstarter Exclusive)Edit


Representing a pharaoh, a king of sorts from ancient Egypt, the alternate artwork for the King continues the middle-eastern theme of non-game references. Pharaohs not only had rule over Egypt, but were considered near deity and had shrines, pyramids, and statues built in their honor. 

The alternate art is found on the Yellow King card.

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