COLORS Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
ABILITY +1 Power when defending.

+3 Power against Dragons.

CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

The stereotypical Knight is known for his shining armor, riding a white horse and defending the common people. They are also associated with fighting Dragons rescuing Princesses. They were characterized by the inherent ideals of truth and justice and were usually highly respected by all.

Coming usually from royalty, they were the principal participants of tournaments, usually inaccessible to lowly peasants. But sometimes, a man can change his stars (such as in the movie A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger. It's full of "historical facts" like the peasants singing "We Will Rock You" in the medieval time).


Like the knights in the stories that inspired this card, the Knight in Villages is an adept Dragon slayer. As there are multiple Knights of different colours with an average attack power, they are very useful cards to have in your village.


If your opponent has a Dragon or Roxy in their village, the Knight is a perfect card to use against it. The Knight will gain +3 against a Dragon and as attackers win in ties, the Knight's new power of 5 will equal the Dragon's power and therefore destroy it. Similarly, when defending against a Dragon attack, the Knight will gain an extra bonus of +1 meaning it will beat the Dragon.

Alternate Art (Kickstarter Exclusive)Edit


The Knight was the first card to get the alternate art treatment. The game's creator, Jaron Frost, had plans to upgrade to a higher pixel count. While praising the artwork, most backers expressed disappointment that the art style did not match the rest of the game. In response, Jaron created a second Knight with a lower resolution.

Rejected Alternate Knight

This is the original alternate art for the knight. It was rejected to to its complicated nature when compared to the rest of the cards.

The alternate art is found on the Blue and Purple Knight cards.

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