TYPE Unit (Super Villager)
COLORS Green/Blue
ABILITY +1 Power when attacking.

As your battle reward, you can take 2 random cards from your opponent's hand.

CREATED BY Amber Retzlaff

Fridgecrisis Games

AVAILABLE Super Villagers Pack (expansion)

Kumiho is the Korean equivalent of the Chinese huli jing and the Japanese kitsune. She is a mythical, devious fox, disguised as a woman, who plays tricks on humans. While the huli jing and kitsune may bode good or evil, a Kumiho tends to be only evil, though early texts suggest the Kumiho was once more similar to other mythic foxes in this regard.


Allowing you another reward if you win a battle, this card makes you draw 2 cards from the hand of the defender. The only protection from it is the Mimic.


Because you have a +1 when attacking, and rewards can only be obtained by attacking, she's an Attack Unit. Her battle reward gives you the opportunity to steal 2 cards instead of destroying the opponent or taking a card from their Village. Remember this does NOT happen if you lose; Kumiho is not like the Thief or Scout in this regard.

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