COLORS Orange, Yellow
ABILITY As your action phase, you and anotherplayer can trade a card from your hands.

The other player can not refuse to trade.

CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

Merchants bring goods and culture all over the Kingdom and beyond. Friends with everyone, the only language they understand is gold. If they can't get it, a good exchange can be concluded.

While not intentional, the creator of the game has admitted that the merchant's artwork resembles Jamie Hyneman, the Mythbuster.


The Merchant's special ability makes him very useful as even cards in your hand are no longer safe from harm.


The Merchant's ability allows you to trade cards with opponents. This is most useful when you know that your opponent has a card that you want. However, as your opponent chooses the card that they give you, it is best to wait until near the end of the round when they have less cards in their hand to choose from. You can discuss the trade openly, though you do not show the other player your hand when doing so, or trade blindly.


Q: Can I see the other player's hand when I take their card or do I pick without seeing which card I'm picking?

A: The Merchant doesn't allow you to look at the other person's hand or even get to pick which card you take. It's a trade--they can't refuse the trade, but they don't have to give you their King if they don't want to. (Part of the fun is negotiating. You can talk about it freely, asking for what you want and maybe lying about what you have. They won't know whether to trust you or not until the trade is complete!)


Alternate Art (Kickstarter Exclusive)Edit

The Merchant has discarded his beret for a turban, adopting the middle-eastern theme running through other alternate art like the King and Princess. Outdoor Merchants in the Legend of Zelda series are always standing on giant rugs like his, as well.

The alternate art is found on the Yellow Merchant card.

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