COLORS Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

Princesses were often nothing more than goods in the medieval ages. They would be married off to other countries in exchange for goods or peace. Few women were able to seize a kingdom and rule, but those who succeeded remain prominent in history for their actions.

There is also a common trope in video games wherein a Princess is captured by a villain, usually as a call to action for the hero who must then rescue her. The most famous example is Princess Peach, who may have inspired the pink dress and blonde hair design of the Villages artwork.


With 5 gold, the Princess is one of the most valuable units in the game. As she has no power or ability of her own, you must protect her at all costs or she'll serve your opponents instead.


The Princess, like other high-value cards, is one you should keep in your hand until the last turn, unless she can be properly defended. This can be a risky action as well as certain cards like the Thief can steal it from your hand. It's also usually better to discard a Princess, taking the risk an opponent will use it, than have to pay for it at the end of the round. Combine her with a King for maximum gold.

If you know you're facing a Joker, a Princess can cause him to lose. You can also send her to battle if you have a Sheep in your village, sacrificing it to protect her from being kidnapped.

Alternate Art (Kickstarter Exclusive)Edit


Since the alternate art for the King is a Pharaoh, it follows that this is an Egyptian princess. Her artwork also appears to have been greatly influenced by Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, or Hilda, her Lorule counterpart.

The alternate art is found on the Yellow and Purple Princess cards.

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