COLORS Yellow, Blue, Purple
ABILITY After comparing Power in battle, you can take a random card from your opponent's hand, even if you lost.
CREATED BY Fridgecrisis Games

From ancient history to modern day, Thieves will always be a part of society. While historically, theft has been punished harshly, such as having hands cut off for stealing a loaf of bread, Thieves are often glorified in fiction. A thief is typically depicted as a charismatic antihero or reluctant hero. 

The artwork is most likely a reference to the Thief class in Final Fantasy Tactics, who wear green bandanas.


His actions are similar to the Scout. When sent to battle, even if he lost, his ability is activated. You can steal a card from your opponent and add it to your hand.


Like the Scout, this card is excellent even if you know you'll lose the battle. It can disrupt your opponent's plans to build a new village (the color he gained from battle is the color you stole), or help you to build one of your own. You can also hire him to psych out your opponent into hiring expensive units or throwing a valuable unit at your mercy.

Alternate Art (Kickstarter Exclusive)Edit


According to the reference material in the alternate art video, the alternate art for the Thief is based on Vin, the thief protagonist of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy, where the magic system is based around metal. She wields glass daggers in battle to prevent any metal being used against her by other Mistborn, thus the blue coloration of her weapon.

This is one of a few artworks that swapped a card's normal gender.

The alternate art is found on the Blue and Purple Thief cards.

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