TYPE Animal
ABILITY Destroy at any time to revive a unit from any player's Graveyard and add it to your hand.
CREATED BY Josh Marion

Fridgecrisis Games

AVAILABLE Royalty Pack (expansion)

The mythical Unicorn represents purity, grace, and life. According to legends, the unicorn could only be captured by a virgin or a pure-hearted woman, and its magical horn was said to be able to cure any illness. In medieval times, narwhal horns were sometimes marketed falsely as Unicorn horns. Unicorns are traditionally white, though more recent popular media allows for many more colors and varied uses for their magic (such as in My Little Pony).


The mythical unicorn graces the battlefield, sacrificing its own life to give life to another.


Obviously, the Unicorn's revive ability means that it is a very powerful unit. Similar to the Fairy, it might be a good strategy to revive an expensive unit from your graveyard on the final turn, but only if you can place it into your village that turn, or else it will still cost you gold. Unlike the Fairy, you can retrieve units from ANY player's graveyard, so if a player has Death, the Phoenix or a Priest, stealing one of theirs is a good idea.

It can also be used to bring back cards such as the Assassin allowing another instant win if you choose.

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